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Release Notes (1/9/2017)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

What a start to the New Year! The team here at ProjectTeam continues to be busy rolling out great new features and functionality.

To start 2017 with a bang, we wanted to focus on some big improvements that we think you're really going to enjoy.

As always if you need anything, please shout. We love to help.

File Management

When you log into ProjectTeam and navigate to the file management area within your projects, you'll notice a very different look and feel. At the root level of the project you have two folders; Project Files and Form Attachments.

  • Project Files: An area where you can create custom folders or subfolders and then upload files. As always, you can selectively share your project folders and files with users or non-users of the system.

  • Form Attachments: An area that is created automatically for you based on forms of which you have access. For example, if you create a new Contract in the system and then add two attachments to that Contract, when you look in your file management area you will see a folder for that Contract and in that folder, you will find two files.

You'll notice we've also exposed more information to the folder view so you can understand more about each folder without having to go into the properties view. Information such as "Created By", "Size", and "Shared To" are all shown.

Finally, when working on any forms in ProjectTeam you'll be able to add attachments from your existing file structure within the system or upload from your computer.

Email Sweep

If you remember back in March of 2016, we released the ability to "sweep" emails from your email service into ProjectTeam. That way, as emails are going around on your project you can send or forward them directly to ProjectTeam so they can be easily sorted and searched. It's also a great way to feed ProjectTeam so that it remains the central location for all project members to find their project information. The piece that was missing back then is the ability to also include any attachments from the email in the "sweep". We've since fixed that issue. When you send an email to your project, it will include all the email information, such as "From", "To", "Cc", and "Body", and any attachments you included. To take it one step further, once that email is added to ProjectTeam as a form, a folder is created with the subject of that email and the attachments are uploaded. That way you can reference those email attachments on any of your other project forms.

Project Calendar

Each project now has it's own Project Calendar. This is a great place to track events on the project such as kick-off meetings, progress meetings, subcontractor meetings, etc. It's a common place for all users on the project to gather to see what's happening in the upcoming day, week, month, or year.

Log Filters

In the past, you had one search bar that you could use to filter form logs. The problem with only one search bar is that it doesn't allow you to selectively search on individual columns of a log. Thanks to great input from our users, we're happy to announce we've made a change. When you look at a form log (ex. RFI log) you will see there is a mini-search bar included with every column of the log. That way you can search on multiple columns at once to filter down to exactly the information you need. For example, you could now search for all RFIs that match the following criteria:

  1. Subject includes "Mechanical"
  2. Created by Josh Witmer from ABC Construction
  3. Status is "Open"
  4. Priority is "High"

We believe that putting project information INTO the system is good, but the ability to get information OUT of the system quickly is where the real value comes from ProjectTeam. After you filter your log, quickly print out the information to PDF or copy it over to Microsoft Excel.

Action Items

One of the most used features in ProjectTeam is Action Items. In this most recent release, we've added improvements so that it's easier to share items to other users on your projects and given you the ability to reassign items.

I hope all this comes in handy. We'll be in touch soon with even more great stuff. If you need anything, feel free to reach out!

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As always, if you ever need anything, please let us know. We're here to help.