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Release Notes (3/18/2016)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

Happy Spring!

We've had another great past couple weeks and we're excited to let you in on some of the new features you'll find while working within In this latest release we've worked extremely hard on some of the most requested features and we're confident you're going to like what you see! So let's jump right in...

1. Email Tracking

We hinted at this in our last release email, and it's finally here! Each project within now has it's own unique email address. You can send, reply, CC, or forward email conversations up to the system simply by including that unique email address in your emails. Once you add the emails up to the system, they have the same functionality as all other forms in You can add custom fields, assign action items, include attachments or link those emails to any other form in your project.

2. Read/Write vs Read Only Field Access

The number one thing we hear from clients is that they like how is highly customizable but also very easy to use. In this latest release, we've introduced the ability to define read/write vs. read-only access to custom fields that you add to your forms.

  • Read/Write Access: Users can edit information as needed
  • Read Only Access: Users can view the information but can not edit that information
  • No Access: Users can not view or edit the field on the form

3. New Custom Fields Types

You'll find two new custom field types that you can add to your forms. The first is a rich-text field which allows you enter a bunch of text and then format that text as needed. Therefore, you can add bullet point lists, make text bold or italic, or even add external website links. The second new field type is a cascading picklist which allows you to add subfields with different options and then depending on what options the users choose, sub-options will be filtered accordingly (watch the video below for a clearer explanation...).

4. Clone Custom Forms to Other Projects allows you to create an unlimited number of custom forms. In a lot of cases, those custom forms may be used in more than just a single project. On the properties page of each custom form, you will now find an option to clone your forms to other projects. This makes it easy to build your perfect form once, and then quickly add it to your other projects.

As always if you would like to learn more about new features we've added or even features we're planning to add in upcoming releases please reach out! Remember, we offer free training and support for clients so we would be more than happy to help :)

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As always, if you ever need anything, please let us know. We're here to help.