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Release Notes (6/28/2017)

Josh Witmer, Product Manager

In case you missed it...

In our latest webinar, we went over how to turn your custom forms into interactive reports and dashboards. We recorded the presentation for those who missed it and included the link below.


New Features Released

Folder Uploads

Drag and drop an entire folder over to the file management area and watch as the folder and all sub-folders are quickly added.


Merge Templates

When you merge a form to a template you will see the result in a preview window that allows you to download, email, and share. No more extra clicks. 


Reordering Rows in Collection

Collections are one of the most powerful custom field types that you can add to your forms. When adding new rows, you can easily drag and drop the rows around to reorder them as needed.


Email Notification Preferences

By default, you will only receive email notifications for things that are assigned to you but you can change your preferences easily.


As always, if you ever need anything, please let us know. We're here to help.