Customize the system to match your exact needs

Create custom forms and fields to manage everything that happens across all of your projects.


Powerful features. Easy to use.


Build and customize forms

Customize any form in ProjectTeam.com to match your organization's business and project needs using powerful and intuitive features. In ProjectTeam.com you can:

  • Create custom fields
  • Reorder fields on forms
  • Set field-level security permissions
Customize your forms in ProjectTeam.com
Customize reports in ProjectTeam.com

Include customizations in reports, dashboards, and print templates

Everything you track in ProjectTeam.com, including all customizations you add, can be included in your reports and print templates. In ProjectTeam.com you can:

  • Group by any custom field
  • Format outputs with custom branding
  • Export data to PDF, Excel, and CSV

Standardize your custom processes with project templates

Customizations can be added at a project or company level. Group multiple customizations into a template to help standardize your processes. In ProjectTeam.com you can:

  • Create multiple variations of the same form
  • Use a template when setting up new projects
  • Run cross-project reports on custom data
Project templates in ProjectTeam.com

Get more out of your projects with customizations

The ability to customize forms in ProjectTeam.com gives you the power to track everything that happens on your projects without having to rely on multiple systems. All of your data is in one trusted and secure platform.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to any of the standard forms in ProjectTeam.com. You can add fields that track different types of data including text, numbers, dates, and more.

Build forms

Build custom forms at the project level or at your company level. Each form can have an unlimited number of fields to ensure you always have a place for your data.

Field-level security

You can add field-level security to every field that you add. You have options to set fields as hidden, read-only, or read & write per user or group on your projects.

Custom reports

Every customization that you make can be included in reports and dashboards. You can even group, sort, and filter by any field that you add.

Track field activity

Every form in ProjectTeam.com has an activity history panel that shows every change made to every field. Any time a user updates a custom field, you will know about it.

Custom branding

Add your organization's logo and brand elements to your reports, dashboards, and print layouts. Make pixel-perfect adjustments to reinforce your brand identity.

Easy to use

Don't let the word "customization" scare you. There is no code or technical skills required. All customizations are done easily from the user interface.


Customizations added to ProjectTeam.com can be included in the integrations you have with other business applications. Map fields to any other data points needed.