Action Items

Always Know What To Do And When

From the moment you log into, you’ll have full visibility of any action items that have been assigned to you or by you. The "My Action Items" dashboard shows what’s Overdue, Due Today, Due This Week, or Due in the Future. Quickly create action items for yourself or other team members and track progress to make sure everything is completed on time.


All your action items are tracked and each displays a colored indicator as to when it's due.

Mark Complete

Update your actions items as needed and then mark them complete once they're done.

Assign To Others

Assign action items to yourself of others and track the progress of each item.

Action Items

Create to-do lists and assign action items to other members of your project team.

Be Better Organized In Less Time

Easily Add Fields

It's extremely easy to add custom fields to your field reports. Mold the system to the way you work, not the other way around.

Get Work Done

Action items can be created from any document within the system so you can quickly assign work or complete work as needed.

Better Organized

Keep all of your project action items in one organized log and then quickly go back and find information when needed.

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