Manage Your Contruction Budget

With ProjectTeam.com, you can better manage your construction budgets and forecasts. Link any cost from your project to your budget to track overall project health. You can roll up multiple project budgets to manage program or company budgets.

Account Codes

Define your account code structure to match your accounting needs and import project specific codes.

Import Budget

Import your budget numbers directly from MS Excel to quickly get everyone on the same page.

Budget Amendments

After approving your Budget, track all changes through pending and approved Budget Amendments.

Easy Reports

Roll up all Budget information including Contracts, COs, Payments, and more into customized reports.

Budgets Made Easy

Track Activity

Track everything about your budgets; new updates, shares, attachments, comments and more. All the activity about each document is in one place.

Browser Agnostic

ProjectTeam.com is built on the latest and greatest technologies so that you can work without limitations. So go ahead, use whatever browser you want.

Easy To Use

We offer unlimited training and support because we're confident that ProjectTeam.com is so easy to use, you'll hardly need it. Our goal is to make your life easier.

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