Company Connect

Connect With Other Companies On Common Projects

As a user of, you can easily search for other organizations using the system's business directory and send them invitations to connect on your project. They’ll have the opportunity to accept or decline your invitation. If accepted, you'll be connected with them and ready to share project information.

Company Profiles

Create a FREE company profile to add your organization to the system's business directory.

Search For Others

Search for other companies in the business directory that match specific criteria.

Send Invites

Invite other organizations to join you on a project and then share information with them.

Data Ownership

Once project information has been shared to you it can never be taken away. You can never be "cut off".

More Benefits From Connecting

Lower Cost

Because you can connect to other companies, you no longer have to pay for external collaborators. Everyone pays their own way.

Cleaner Data

Each organization is in charge of keeping their company and user records up to date making the information more reliable.

Win More Work

Once you get set up in, other organizations can search and find you. They can send you invitations to connect on projects.

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