File Management

Secure File Sharing For Construction Teams

Upload your project files (photos, drawings, models, reports, schedules, spreadsheets, and bid documents) so that information is available wherever you go. When you use, a complete version history of every file is maintained, so you keep track of who viewed or downloaded each version.

Drag and Drop

Drag files from your computer into any folder to quickly upload information into the system.

Download History

Track the view and download history of every file that is uploaded into

Folder Structure

Create folders and subfolders to keep an organized structure of all your project files.

Control Access

Share folders and files with other users or groups so that everyone has the information they need.

Complete File Management

Easy To Use

Features like drag-and-drop and progress bars make it easy for all users to upload, view, and download project files within

Version Control

Upload multiple versions of each file and maintain a history of each version. You can even track the view and download history of old versions.

One Stop Shop

Store all of your project files in one central location so that everything is easy to find.

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