Notifications Make It Easy To Stay Up-To-Date

When you use, your activity feed and e-mail notifications keep you up-to-date on all of your projects. You’ll receive updates on document changes, newly shared information, action items assigned to you, and more. Every notification has a quick link back to the system to keep your project information organized.

"My Page" Updates

Each user gets a social profile that shows activity updates when things happen on projects.

Email Updates

Receive emails when information is shared or updated with links back to the system.

Quick Links

All notifications include links back to the documents that triggered the activity.

New Invites

When other organizations invite you to join their projects, you receive an email.

Modern and Easy-To-Use

Social Feeds

There is so much happening on each one of your projects, it's imporant to be kept up to date with all of that information.

Attract Talent

Users want to use applications that are modern, fast, and collaborative. is a fresh new way to run your projects.

Win More Work

Once you get set up in, other organizations can search and find you. They can send you invitations to connect on projects.

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