Punch List Items

Issue Tracking Made Easy

Create clear and complete punch list items and then share those items with appropriate project team members. Create action items from your punch lists with assignee and due date fields so that you can monitor progress.

Use Your Phone

Use your smartphone or tablet to create or close punch list items out in the field.

Take Pictures

Easily snap a picture or record a video and then attach it your punch list item for reference.

Detailed Lists

Create detailed punch lists from the job site and share them with other team members.

Email Updates

Whenever someone updates a punch list item that you have access to you receive an email notification.

Get Your Job Done Faster

Link Your Forms

Link your punch list items with other documents within the system such as RFIs, field reports, or any other custom form you create.

Easy To Use

Creating punch list items is effortless within Projectteam.com. Record issues and then distribute with members of your project team.

Stay On Track

Monitor the progress of punch lists with updates that are sent directly to your email address or activity feeds.

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