Specifications Management

All Your Documents In One Secure Location

The project drawings and specifications are the primary tool for communicating the scope to everyone on the project. Keep an organized log with full revision histories of each document to make sure everyone on your project is always working on the same page.

Fast Uploads

Quickly upload multiple files into the system and keep full version history of each one.

Track Downloads

Each time a user downloads a version of any file within the system you can track that activity.

Easy Sharing

Share individual specs or entire spec packages with other team members for review.

Revision History

Keep an organized list of all revisions associated with each spec.

Keep Your Documents Safe

Upload Many

Drag and drop multiple files into the system at one time. Then distribute your specs with appropriate members of your project team.

Share Your Forms

After adding specs, you decide if you want to keep them private or share them with other members of your project team.

Better Organized

Keep all of your specs in one organized log and then quickly go back and find information when needed.

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