Submittal Management

Manage Your Project Submittals

Organize all of your submittals into an easy to read submittal log and keep track of any revisions that are related. Then pull revisions into a submittal package, add attachments, and link other project forms before sharing and collaborating with members of your project team.

Submittal Logs

Keep all your submittals in an organized log so you can quickly locate them when you need them.

Create Packages

Pull specific submittal revisions into packages and then share those packages with your team.


Attach documents directly to your submittals and then track who views or downloads each file.

Take Action

Take action right from the submittal packages and leave notes about your decisions.

Submittal Management Made Easy

Track Activity

Track everything about your submittals; new updates, shares, attachments, comments and more. All the activity about each document is in one place.

Submittal Reports

Configure your submittal logs any way you want by adding custom fields and then reordering them as needed. The print to PDF or copy to Excel.

Easy Distribution

Once you've created your submittals and submittal packages, you can quickly share them with appropriate team members and workflow them accordingly.

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