Efficiently and consistently manage contracts and subcontracts with ProjectTeam.com.

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Manage all of your construction contracts in one secure platform

Contract information

Manage contract information such as official contract numbers, from and to businesses, the scope of work, original values, approved changes, bonds required, and more.

Schedule of values

Add your schedule of value line items one-by-one or import many at a time. Associated each item with a specification and an account code for complete tracking.

Unit price contracts

Before initiating a new contract, choose between amount-based or unit-price tracking. If unit-price, you'll have extra fields for quantity, unit price, and unit of measure.


Integrate ProjectTeam.com with your current accounting solution to streamline daily tasks and eliminate double entry. Integrations can be bi-directional.

Detailed reports

All contract data collected on your projects can be included in detailed reports and dashboards. Highlight critical contracts data, approved changes, and more.

Customizable fields

Build upon standard fields to track all contract-related data. Add your own custom fields to track business-critical data and assign field-level permissions.

Configurable workflows

Configure step-by-step workflows to route contracts to the appropriate team members at the right time. Each workflow shows a visual chart and detailed notes.

Easily print

Configure print templates and print custom contract templates to match your company styles and standards. Any custom fields added to your forms can also be included.

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Managing project costs and changes

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