Punch Lists

Create clear and complete punch lists in the office or in the field. Assign due dates and monitor the progress of each item.


ProjectTeam.com makes issue tracking easy

Create clear and complete punch list items and then share those items with appropriate project team members. Create action items from your punch lists with assignee and due date fields so that you can monitor progress.

Detailed items

There is no limit to the amount of detail you can include in each punch list item. Fill out text fields, table fields, date fields, and more to keep everything organized.

Activity tracking

Every update on every punch list item is tracked in the activity panel of each item. You always have a clear understanding of who made each change.

Supporting photos

Take pictures from the field and they automatically upload to your punch list items. All photos are also organized in a general photos area making them easy to find later.

Other attachments

Upload attachments on your punch list items providing extra detail about the issue. Drag and drop helpful PDFs, spreadsheets, office documents, and more.

Track in the field

Track punch list items as they happen with your tablet or phone. Enter details, issues, photos, and more from the field. All items are available in the cloud.

Customized to your needs

Add custom fields to your punch lists to ensure every important issue is tracked on your project. Drag and drop to reorder fields and add security permissions.

Collaborative comments

Share punch list items with other users and engage them using @ comments. Scroll through the comments section to understand the full picture of each issue.

Reference links

Users can reference other form types such as field reports, inspections, RFIs, and more creating links that help keep everything in one spot.

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