Simple and secure file & photo sharing

Organize your project files into folders and your photos into albums and share with other users.


Smarter file-sharing collaboration

Use ProjectTeam.com to safely share important project files and photos with other users. You are always in control over who has access to your data.


Intuitive file controls

Create folders and subfolders in ProjectTeam.com and share them with other users on your projects. In ProjectTeam.com you can:

  • Drag-and-drop folders and files
  • Track views and downloads of each file
  • Manage versions of each file
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files -photos

Organize every photo taken on your projects

Photos stored in ProjectTeam.com are automatically organized by date in the photo module. In ProjectTeam.com you can:

  • Upload photos from your computer
  • Take pictures with your device's camera
  • Create albums to share photos with other users

Open files in a powerful viewer and add collaborative markups

For reports that you run often, set up a schedule to automatically send the reports to any email address on any recurring day & time. In ProjectTeam.com you can:

  • Open files in a native viewer without having to download
  • Add markups such as shapes, text, pins, and more
  • Track every markup by type, user, and timestamp
files - markups

Manage your files from any device

ProjectTeam.com allows you to upload, organize, review, and collaborate in one secure and reliable platform. You can access your data from anywhere on any device. 

Drag and drop uploads

Drag and drop files from your desktop or email directly into ProjectTeam.com. Files load quickly and are ready to share with other users immediatley.

Use your favorite device

Open ProjectTeam.com on any device and snap pictures from the field. All photos are automatically organized into the photos module which can be grouped into albums.

Secure file sharing

Share folders, files, albums, and photos with other users to collaborate on projects. You have a clear understanding of who has access and how often they view.

File markups

Open files in a powerful viewer and add markups such as shapes, text, pins, measurements, and more. You can style each annotation with size and color.

Folders and subfolders

Create a standard set of folders and subfolders on your projects. Set access permissions on each folder and drag and drop files into each folder for easy sharing.

Organized photos

No matter how photos are added to the project, they are automatically added to the general photos area. You can organize photos into albums and share with other users.

View and download history

Every file added to ProjectTeam.com has a view and download history associated with it. You can check on each file to see who is interacting with your files.

Version control

Manage multiple versions of the same file through robust version control. View the properties of each file to review old versions and upload new versions.