Change Orders

Track changes as they occur on your projects and maintain traceability into how they affect contracts and budgets.


Keep up with every change

Change happens fast and often on construction projects. You need a system that is easy-to-use and robust enough to keep up with those changes. ProjectTeam.com is that system.

Track every change

Manage every change on your project even if it doesn't get approved. Keep track of all changes for historical purposes and better understand your data.

Link to contracts

Each change order that is approved on your project is automatically associated with your contract to help you track revised contract information.

Drag and drop attachments

Upload attachments on your forms to provide extra detail about each change. Drag and drop helpful PDFs, photos, office documents, spreadsheets, and more.

Customizable fields

Build upon standard fields to track all change-related data. Add your own custom fields to track business-critical data and assign field-level permissions.

Detailed reports

All change order data collected on your projects can be included in detailed reports and dashboards. Highlight priority items, potential vs approved data, and more.

Real-time visibility

Give your teams real-time visibility into the financial health of your projects with up-to-date reports and dashboards. All of your data is available on any device.

Collaborative comments

Share changes with other members of your team and engage them using @ comments. Scroll through the comments section to understand the current status of the change.


Integrate ProjectTeam.com with your current accounting solution to streamline daily tasks and eliminate double entry. Integrations can be bi-directional.

Resources related to change orders

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Construction Software Buyer's Guide

Over 20 pages of real-world use cases, examples, lessons learned, and more. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a structure to evaluate and compare different construction project management software applications.

Alpha Case Study

Alpha Corporation

"We started using ProjectTeam.com in late 2016 for a high-profile project between NIH and Walter Reed Naval Medical Center. Now we have about 16,000 entries in the system including 150+ change orders."

Contracts webinar

Managing project costs and changes

In ProjectTeam.com, you can manage a full change management process including forms for contracts, potential change orders, change orders, requests for proposals, and cost proposals. Learn how you can track everything that happens in this in-depth webinar.