Requests for Information (RFIs)

Easily create and share RFIs with users on your project to expedite the RFI process and avoid costly mistakes.


Get answers faster with ProjectTeam.com

Requests for Information (RFIs) play a vital role in the overall success or failure of any construction project. ProjectTeam.com allows everyone on your project to collaborate on RFIs leading to faster and more accurate answers.

Organized logs

All RFIs created on your project are automatically organized into logs that can be sorted, filtered, and customized. Users can also bulk edit RFI entries to make quick updates.

Drag and drop attachments

Upload attachments on your RFIs to provide extra detail in your questions and/or responses. Drag and drop helpful PDFs, photos, office documents, and more.

Collaborative comments

Share RFIs with other users and engage them using @ comments. Public comments can be viewed by all users while private comments can only be seen by select users.

Reference links

Users can reference other form types such as drawings, submittals, potential change orders, and more creating links that help keep everything organized.

Detailed reports

All RFI data collected on your projects can be included in detailed reports and dashboards. Highlight critical items, responsible parties, and due dates.

Customizable fields

Build upon standard fields such as RFI Subject, Question, and Answer. Add your own custom fields to track business-critical data and assign field-level permissions.

Configurable workflows

Configure step-by-step workflows to route RFIs to the appropriate team members at the right time. Each workflow shows a visual chart and detailed notes.

Easily print

Configure print templates and print RFIs to match your company styles and standards. Any custom fields added to your RFI form can be included in your print templates.

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Building a better RFI blog post

Building a better construction RFI

Like most construction project management systems, ProjectTeam.com can track Requests for Information (RFIs). However, what makes ProjectTeam a better RFI tracking system is the ability to customize the form to fit the needs of each stakeholder on the project.

Jam Corporation Case Study

JAM Corporation

"Contracts, submittals, potential change orders, RFIs, and transmittals are the forms we use most often. I love the fact that I can customize the log for each form. By doing so I can quickly find information without having to open a form entry. I also love that I can easily add custom fields and easily generate reports based on those custom fields."