Organize your specifications by division and distribute them to everyone involved in your project.


Securely manage project specifications with ProjectTeam.com

Specifications are a primary tool for communicating project scope to everyone on the project. ProjectTeam.com helps you keep an organized log with full revision histories of each document to make sure everyone on your project is always working on the same page.

Organized logs

All specifications added to the project are organized into logs that can be sorted, filtered, and customized. Specifications are grouped by division by default.

Revision history

Manage revisions of each specification in an easy-to-read list view. Share revisions with appropriate members of your team to keep everyone on the same page.

Reference links

Users can reference other form types such as drawings, RFIs, potential change orders, and more creating links that help keep everything organized.

View and add markups

Pull up each specification in a fullscreen viewer and add annotations such as shapes, text, and more. Each annotation shows a name and date/time activity.

View on mobile

Upload your specification in the office and take them with you into the field. Every revision of every specification can be accessed from your tablet and phone.

Attach related files

Aside from the main specification file, users can include other attachments such as notes or clarifications which are categorized appropriately, all in one spot.

Secure permissions

You can selectively share revisions of your specifications with other users and set security permissions on editing or viewing fields. Every view of each specification is tracked.

Collaborative comments

Share specifications with other users and engage them using @ comments. You can add public or private comments depending on your use case.

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Tristar Engineering case study

Tristar Engineering & Management

"Undoubtedly, the most utilized feature of ProjectTeam.com is the ability to customize forms to capture the data that means the most to our clients. We have initiated completely customized new forms, but many of the default forms have been amended with custom fields to capture more specific project information."